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Welcome to Cedar Valley Quilts! I hope you enjoy reading about the adventures we have in our new quilt shop in West Branch, IA...and thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Quilting Machine For Sale

Just a quick post to anyone out there who has been thinking about getting a quilting machine, whether longarm, midarm, or you just aren't sure and are looking around.

We have an older A-1 Singer quilting machine (midarm) complete with a 12-foot commercial wooden table and bobbin winder that is for sale. We bought this machine used from Nolting's in Hiawatha, IA a few years ago when we were first starting out in the LA business. Someone had traded it in for one of Nolting's commercial machines, and they went over this Singer to make sure it was in tip-top shape (which it is).

The machine does NOT have a stitch regulator on it. Some people definitely have a preference on whether or not they have to have a regulator. At times it is nice to have, but it definitely is not a necessity to make your quilting look great.....it all just takes practice :) We were beginners when we bought this machine, so if we could learn on it, I think anyone can. Kevin is mechanically inclined so it was easy for him, but I'm not so I'm living proof that anyone can run one of these  lol.

When we opened our shop we thought we'd just simply move this machine over and quilt from there.....only problem was that this 12-foot table really didn't want to fit anywhere in our small shop. So....we bought a FunQuilter with a smaller table from Nolting's, thinking we would have 1 for the shop and 1 at home for our own quilts. As most good intentions go....we have never put another quilt on this machine at home, so it's time to reclaim our basement and find a good home for it.

Here are some pics of the machine:

We're asking $2000 for it. It would have to be a local pickup (or buyer can arrange/pay for shipping). The metal legs are removable, but the table itself is in 1 piece. We're located in east central Iowa, and if you're interested and/or have more questions, please send me an email to:  christine at cedarvalleyquilts.com  If I can't answer your questions, I'm sure that Kevin will be able to. He was mechanic/maintenance in his former life before he discovered his LA talents :)

Until next post...happy stitching :)

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